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July 07, 2010


Was going through some old stuff for my portfolio and I found this sketch of Man Parrish I did for the ]SOLO[ show. Wish I went to finish on this one...maybe someday.


June 29, 2010


I wanted to call this section ]daily sketch[ or something like that but who am I kidding, while I do draw daily both for work and for fun, most of it is rubbish and i can't get to posting my blog every day. But I wanted to try my best to show that I do indeed draw often and some of it is pretty freaking sweet even though if doesn't get to final and in some cases I like my sketches better than the final. That is why you see alot of sketchiness in my more recent work. Anyway todays sketch is more recent, I initially wanted to do a piece with a group of monkeys for the Poster Cause Project and I did pages upon pages of sketches of cartoony monkeys. But ultimately I decided I didn't like the idea and I thought they were coming out a little too Disneyish, that's why I went a head and did the really loose bear Attack Attack Attack piece.. anyway enjoy the monkey! this one was one of my favorites that I did and almost got me through the illustration, but the rest just didn't have the same sort of appeal.


June 23, 2010


Here is a poster I just finished for the Poster Cause Project. All proceeds go to the Wildlife Federation. Order one or two here:


April 21, 2010


This is the first actual toy that i've ever designed all on my own (for the most part, props to Tristan Eaton for some pointers here and there, and to Mike Franco for much input and guidance). Its the platform figure for my good friends over at WizardSleeveToys in Florida. The sculpt was nailed by famed sculptor Nemo, who is responsible for Toy Qubes Sharky and numerous customs and toys. Keep an eye out for WST and me in the next few months. A short list includes: custom Wzy shows (with some heavy hitters in the designer toy game), a set of production Wizy's, and of course The Wizard Sleeve web comic (can't give away too much on that, but its coming and its going to be awesome).
That is all for now, feel free to leave some comments, feed back is always appreciated.


March 22, 2010


Some images from my last show a while back at CCNYC in Dumbo BK. Finally got around to getting some goods pics. Most of the work is sold or out of my position for one reason or another, but get at me for prints or to see what is available.


February 09, 2010


Once again, making sure the lil punk asses in Ann arbor have a place to skate!!!!
Here is a fun poster I did for the Ann Arbor Skatepark benefit art show in May. Once again it will have tons of great artists.