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December 22, 2009


On the first Thursday of January (January 7th) I will be taking part in a two man show at CCNYC (collective consciousness NYC) at 10 Jay St. in DUMBO. The show is called Unpronounceability and will feature works by myself and Misha Tyutyunik (part owner of the gallery and amazing illustrator/artist)

My part of the show will focus on using interesting type treatments and figurative drawings to illustrate missed messages, misinformation and "abstract" ideas. Subject matter will range from politics to music to whatever else looks and feels right at the time. I still have some work to do for the show, looking forward to seeing how it all comes out and what Misha comes up with!!

Prints, posters and of course tons of original art will be for sale.

Hope to see you there!

December 01, 2009


50 limited edition 13x19 ]SOLO[ posters are now available at Halcyonline.com or if you're in the Brooklyn/NYC area they will be available at Halcyon the shop in DUMBO, 57 Pearl ST.

I also have 50 12X18 signed posters available, contact me at bloktinfo@gmail.com for prices.


November 20, 2009


Another logo ispired by my hometown that I did for no reason. Like The Chi (chicagoins) The D (detroitians) Or the Big Apple (no one really) Rochester is affectionately called the Roc by many of those who call the city home. The term is used mostly commonly by the cities small yet prominent hip hop crowd and other such ruffians. The full nick name is Rocity but people that just sounds awkward in conversation so its usually shortened to the ROC.
Any ways, I really do love the city and think it's a bummer that there are no sports teams with halfway decent logos to get on a New Era hat. So I thought I would take matters into my own hands and put some nice graphics out there representing the Flower city (yeah it's got some nice Lilacs, but also an insanely high violent crime rate, so watch your back!) I'm still looking for some funds and some partnership to help get this out there, so if you're interested, let me know!



In school, to procrastinate from doing lame logo projects I used to draw stupid characters in my sketchbook. The other day while struggling to come up with stupid characters for an illustration I'm working on, I put this logo together. 1975 is the name of a cool gallery up in Rochester.
It already has a logo, but I'm putting together a collection of unused logos I've designed for my next portfolio book; in there for sure!


November 12, 2009

]Boston UGHH[

2005 - designed the Underground Hip Hop logo

2009 - finally got a chance to go to Boston...and it was closed. just my luck.

still got some pictures of the logo in their storefront...and spotted tons of UGHH stickers all around downtown.

September 28, 2009


] TEK [ (48x22)
Thanks to everyone for coming out to the Halcyon ]SOLO[ show!! It was a success and a great time. Check out the paintings that are up and some of the pictures of the crowd, for more of those you can go here.

If you weren't able to make the opening, the show will be up for another month and a half, so come through. ]THE ORIGINALS[ (16x26 each)
]MOOKID[ (20x26)

]KING OF WHAT[ (26x38)

]DUB VERSION[ (32x18)

]DISCO TO DISCO[ (36x36)

]BOOGIE DOWN[ (36x36)

]CHAMPION SOUND[ (20.5x40)

]THE LOFT[ (40x20.5)


September 16, 2009


So, I'm having my first EVER solo show in NYC. It's going down during the DUMBO Arts Festival, one of the biggest arts festivals in the city at Halcyon Gallery (which is a mixture of a record store and a gallery). It's happening on September 26. It's called, you guessed it: ]SOLO[ and it's going to be featuring about 10 paintings that are acrylic on large wood pieces along with a few smaller plexi-glass pieces similar to the other ones I've done.

I'm really excited for this show and the opportunity to finally show my work to everyone at such a great place. Thunderdog, NYCO, and Wizard Sleeve have all been awesome enough to sponsor the event and help make it happen.

I hope to see all your faces there!
Any questions, contact me at bloktinfo@gmail.com.

And of course, all the work will be for sale, so bring your rich uncle...or something.

If you don't get a chance to make it out that weekend, you'll be seeing some photos up on the site soon, so stay tuned.



These are a few of the illustrations I did for Corbis to add to their stock illustration library. These were part of a contribution to Corbis from the Thunderdog Collective.

Check out the other artists on there if you get a chance....some awesome work!

media: water color and ink.


September 15, 2009


Last year, I submitted my work to a small arts festival in my hometown of Rochester, NY called Artist Row. I wasn't able to make it up because of obligations in the city, but thanks to my sister and mom, it went great.

This year, they selected me to show again and this time, I'll be there to see it all go down. I'm hoping it'll be a success and that the city that inspired me to make art will be inspired by my work.

The market is open this upcoming weekend, on Saturday, September 20 from 10am - 4pm. There'll be live music, good food, and some awesome artists showing, not to mention the hippie elite of Rochester.
I'll be showing some water color illustration prints that'll be for sale, along with stickers and smaller pieces.

So, to all my 585 friends, I'd love to see you all there. And to whoever else wants to take the trip, let me know!

Above is the flyer for the event.

Photos coming soon...


September 14, 2009


Last weekend on Saturday, Sept. 12th, I got the opportunity to do my second live painting gig in NYC at Halcyon's 10th Anniversary party at South Street Seaport. I was filling some big shoes, but I think I still killed it.

They had DJ Jazzy Jay and Danny Krivit spinning late into the night, oysters, awesome Brooklyn Pilsner, circus freaks, breakdancers, kids' activities, t-shirt printing, mini-golf, sand-castle building, the list goes on. Let's just say that they had everything going on.

I started with some vinyl masking to get some basic shapes and lines, then I washed it all with some acrylic paint, white gesso, and spray paint. After that was done, I went in and defined the shapes further with some brighter acrylics to give it some more contrast.

Let me know what you think.

For more event photos, go here.


September 13, 2009


I promised you guys some more angry republicans....as if there aren't enough of them to go around.

Grab that 9 iron and have yourselves a tea party.


September 12, 2009


You know how green is the new black and 30 is the new 20? You know what I say besides those sayings are nauseating?

I say BMX is the new fixed gear.

I got a BMX years ago and even though I'm 6'-4" I started riding that thing up and down Brooklyn with everyone looking at me like I was riding a goddamn unicycle. I'd only see the occasional street crew of 14 year olds doing tricks I wouldn't dare try at my age (which didn't make me feel great, but it was better than what's going on now.)

Nowadays, you can't chuck a Venti soy hazelnut latte without hitting some punkass hipster riding a BMX.

So, here it is...an ode to when I was the lone 27-year-old gunman out there with my freak bike.


September 11, 2009


Does "hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil" have to only apply to chimpanzees? Why must we be so uncivilized? Here's my human version...slightly updated. I like the way the water color turned out.

Also available in the acrylic, spray paint, plexi-glass version.


September 10, 2009


When Buddhapparel, an independent apparel company from San Francisco, contacted me about an illustration I sent them a while back of the Beastie Boys, I shuddered when I realized that the illustration was on an old hard drive that crashed. Just my luck...

So, I took a copy of the old illustration (top) re-vamped it, updated it, and created the illustration below it.

Should I start my very own Paul's Boutique? No? Too far?


July 02, 2009


My friend and I started toying with the idea of a DJ duo named Disco Juice. Just a couple of guys, hitting up house parties, grabbing some sparks, and spinning nothing but Ganymed and Giorgio Moroder....sans bell bottoms or mustaches.

Watch out for the JUICE! Coming soon to a party near you (hopefully)


June 10, 2009


A hip hop themed play on the recycle logo I did for Culture Bred, an independent clothing brand from Boston.

I'm digging the green one. Let me know what you think.


May 29, 2009


This is the official video for B-Bot, now posted in Japan and other places worldwide. Tris got the beat from Dante Ross (of old school hip hop fame. He was one of a select few to get the "gas face" from 3rd Bass in '88, actually i think it was SevLuv X). Then, Matt Eaton laid down some funky scratching.


May 18, 2009


Here are pictures of the donated skateboards on the auction block...on top is my design, displayed here by John Hieftje, mayor of Ann Arbor, MI (!!!). The second picture is Tristan's amazing laser-etched board.

Apparently the auction was a huge success. I hope it works out for all the skaters and riders in the city...punkasses.

Here and here are two more links with pictures from the auction.


May 17, 2009


Above are pictures of a deck I just finished for a non-for-profit auction in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The proceeds will go toward building a skate park for all the youngin's within the city limits.

This is the first in a series of pieces I'm working on featuring Revolting Republicans! I've been so shocked by the behavior of some right-wing pundits and politicians lately.

It's only a matter of time before they throw on their anarchist armbands and hit the streets smashing cars with their golf clubs and highball glass Molotov cocktails.


May 15, 2009


About 8 years ago, I picked up a Warp routine compilation at this Best Buy right by RIT, where I was going to school at the time. I would go there because it had this shockingly huge and in-depth electronic music selection. At the time I was really into the whole IDM (intelligent dance music) thing, (what a dumb ass name) but anyway... Warped Records had all my favorite artists and producers that I was discovering: Aphex Twin (and all his other names) Squarepusher, Plaid, Luke Vibert, etc.

So I picked up this comp, thinking it would be something cool to blast in the studio amongst all the other illustration majors. I figured it would have some sort of cool DnB-ish stuff and cool abstract sounds, and maybe even some stuff that was similar to DJ Shadow that I could zone out and work away to. That way I could also feel superior to the other more talented and popular kids in the studio. This is shit they just wouldn't understand, I'd blow their minds. Sure, keep listening to your "screamocorepunk rock". So short story now made long, I put the CD in the studio player and cranked it up.

First song was a really amazing Plaid song. "Booc" it's called. Still have it on my i-Pod to this day. Really busy but still slow, kept together, and kind of dancy, exactly what I was expecting. AWESOME!!! "Booc" ends, next song is by some strangely named group I had never heard of, it drops....WHAT. THE. FUCK. IS. THIS??!!! It's a song called "Nuno," sort of sounded like hip hop and electronic music mashed up together, rudely cutting each other off before they actually got to be hip hop or electronic music. There were these chopped up Nas "One Love" lyrics over the whole thing, it had the choppiness and spontaneity of turntable-ism. It was like he just refused to let those damn lyrics go. I didn't really have much to blow my mind at that time, music was really all that was going on with me and my friends, so this was huge.

So a few weeks later I picked up the full album Vocal Studies and Uprock Narratives. All tracks just as good as "Nuno" in their own way. It even had some cameos by some underground emcees (at that time): MF Doom and Aesop Rock. Bad ass beats with warm synths and weird clicky sounds, almost all layered with manipulated hip hop vocals. It wasn't "hard" like a lot of the hip hop that I liked, it was quirky but in a really great way.

But now to get to the point of why I'm writing. OK...I want to do album, song, or artist reviews every now and then on here. And it just so happens that Prefuse 73 just put out an album called "Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian."

But now I'm getting kind of tired of writing...but the review must go on.

The new PRE album is really, really good. If you're looking for something that sounds like his earlier work, yet again you will be disappointed. BUT, lucky for you, there are about 800 "glitch hop" dudes out there that are making really good music that I'm sure you can get into. Prefuse 73 has moved on over the last 4 or 5 albums and generally keeps things much more ambient and loose with the occasional burst of Hip Hop gold. It's crazy that his albums (and live performances for that matter) go minute after minute of layering annoying distorted feedback, and clicks mashed over feminine yawning sounds, layered on top of fart noises, yet once he drops the beat, it all becomes worth while.

Anyway, I can go on, but like I said...I'm tired.


May 14, 2009


After almost three months straight of illustration madness, today the B-Bot by Thunderdog is officially on sale at the I-Tunes store.

It was insane seeing the amount of work that Tristan put into this. I helped where I could, doing some of the illustrator line art, shapes, and accessories. Tris would come in day and night to do the coloring and come up with massive amounts of accessories. It was a true labor of love, and I think it came out amazing.

So, if you have an i-Phone or i-Touch, go grab it, be the first to have it, and be the envy of all of your friends. I have a feeling it's going to be big!!

My self-portrait B-BOT:

May 05, 2009


Lately I've been getting an influx of blank skateboards. In the past I might have been inclined to say "screw you sucker," put some trucks and wheels on them and have at it in the streets. But unfortunately I realized not long ago that I am god awful at skateboarding and that being in my late 20's, my skills will most likely not be improving anytime soon

So, as an alternative, I've started painting them.

These two were done for a client of mine out in Miami, an online designer toy retailer called Wizard Sleeve. On their site you can check out their wizard mascot, logo, and character pattern...all of which I designed. They use the pattern for t-shirt designs and prints, all available at their website.

Materials: stencils, gesso, spray paint on its last legs, and a dry brush for texture.

Wizard Sleeve is gaining some steam and throwing gallery events in Miami, L.A. and Brooklyn. So, hopefully much will come of these characters in the future, and I may finally make a mark on this crazy designer toy world that I found myself surrounded by since I moved to NYC. As a wise old man once said, "if you hang outside of a barber shop long enough, you're gonna get a haircut"


April 28, 2009


Here is a design I recently did for the amazing group The Cheebacabra from Seattle, WA. All the other, funk-inspired versions are here and here.
I definitely went all out and had a lot of fun trying to come up with something for them.


April 27, 2009


My sister's boyfriend is a huge fan of the blues. So, for a birthday present, she asked me to come up with some drawings of Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker for him (in that order, top to bottom). Contact me if you have any questions or comments about the work. More to come soon!

medium: water color, ink.



My uncle once told me that I might be a distant cousin of good ole Warhol. I was never too much of a fan of his work, but I always liked this drawing, done back in late 2008.

April 02, 2009


So, in 2008 I had a brief stint of freelance work at the NFL (National Football League for those of you not eating jalapeƱo nachos in front of your HDTV or those of you living under a rock).

The client asked me to do some generic vector images of Mexican flag football players as imagery for an upcoming tournament. Here they are, amigos.


March 22, 2009


Logo for the Thunderdog Collective group of artists.

Let me know what you think!