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June 29, 2010


I wanted to call this section ]daily sketch[ or something like that but who am I kidding, while I do draw daily both for work and for fun, most of it is rubbish and i can't get to posting my blog every day. But I wanted to try my best to show that I do indeed draw often and some of it is pretty freaking sweet even though if doesn't get to final and in some cases I like my sketches better than the final. That is why you see alot of sketchiness in my more recent work. Anyway todays sketch is more recent, I initially wanted to do a piece with a group of monkeys for the Poster Cause Project and I did pages upon pages of sketches of cartoony monkeys. But ultimately I decided I didn't like the idea and I thought they were coming out a little too Disneyish, that's why I went a head and did the really loose bear Attack Attack Attack piece.. anyway enjoy the monkey! this one was one of my favorites that I did and almost got me through the illustration, but the rest just didn't have the same sort of appeal.


June 23, 2010


Here is a poster I just finished for the Poster Cause Project. All proceeds go to the Wildlife Federation. Order one or two here: