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October 29, 2008


Over at thundervote.com, you can download these cool little ballot boxes, print them out and customize them. There are tons of other cool voting related things you can do on the site, so be sure to check it out.

This is one that I did. I decided to keep it simple and somewhat positive in order celebrate the spirit of democracy! aaaww...more like demoCRAZY!!!. I am really into this whole watercolor wash back ground thing. It allows the work to have a very natural, gritty textured look and feel. Even though the watercolor scans themselves are photo-shopped and altered as much as your favorite Britney Spears photo (pre-K-Fed, or maybe post, if you're into that sort of thing), and it's a move away from the slick vector work I've been doing for so long.

The next step might be to actually pick up a damn paint brush and stretch a canvas..hmmm. Anyways, the washes give the work a very chaotic almost violent look to it regardless of what the drawing is.

In this case I think it works very well as like in any election year, this country becomes a very violent unsettling place, even more so than usual.

October 14, 2008


This was a school project during my grad program at Pratt. We were asked to design a product, logo, and build a model of it. Above is GoPlay, a board game concept I came up with, along with the characters, game pieces, and logo.

The game pieces were made of balsa wood and bristol board. All the vector line work was done in Illustrator.


October 08, 2008


So, I did this painting about 3 months ago and never got it up on the web to try and sell it. I was really happy with it when it was finished. I had just bought my vinyl cutter and wanted to experiment with different paint media using vinyl to mask off shapes and line art. Although spray paint is the tried and true vinyl medium, here I used some spray paint along with white Gesso, Acrylic, and some nice drippy Black Matte Ink.

Anyway, it's three 7x15 pieces of clear plexi-glass screwed together and set apart about a quarter inch from each other, giving it an interesting 3D layer effect.

I'm selling it for $200 OBO, so get at me at bloktinfo@gmail.com if you're interested!!

October 07, 2008


Hey all, I just wanted to post this new poster I've been working on for the good people of Meanred Productions.
Came out nice I think. More to come soon...