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September 12, 2009


You know how green is the new black and 30 is the new 20? You know what I say besides those sayings are nauseating?

I say BMX is the new fixed gear.

I got a BMX years ago and even though I'm 6'-4" I started riding that thing up and down Brooklyn with everyone looking at me like I was riding a goddamn unicycle. I'd only see the occasional street crew of 14 year olds doing tricks I wouldn't dare try at my age (which didn't make me feel great, but it was better than what's going on now.)

Nowadays, you can't chuck a Venti soy hazelnut latte without hitting some punkass hipster riding a BMX.

So, here it is...an ode to when I was the lone 27-year-old gunman out there with my freak bike.


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