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September 16, 2009


So, I'm having my first EVER solo show in NYC. It's going down during the DUMBO Arts Festival, one of the biggest arts festivals in the city at Halcyon Gallery (which is a mixture of a record store and a gallery). It's happening on September 26. It's called, you guessed it: ]SOLO[ and it's going to be featuring about 10 paintings that are acrylic on large wood pieces along with a few smaller plexi-glass pieces similar to the other ones I've done.

I'm really excited for this show and the opportunity to finally show my work to everyone at such a great place. Thunderdog, NYCO, and Wizard Sleeve have all been awesome enough to sponsor the event and help make it happen.

I hope to see all your faces there!
Any questions, contact me at bloktinfo@gmail.com.

And of course, all the work will be for sale, so bring your rich uncle...or something.

If you don't get a chance to make it out that weekend, you'll be seeing some photos up on the site soon, so stay tuned.


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